Ever Thought of Speaking Chinese?

Speak. Fast.


I learned a few easy sentences that I can memorize and I'll be able to practice on Chinese people right away. He also goes at an easy slow pace to help you remember the information.

Preston S.


Very active course. No time lost. Just practice. I already learned some Chinese, but this course is excellent to review my pronunciation. A friendly and smiling teacher. Really enjoyable.



Very good course for a beginner or for someone who wants to improve its pronunciation. I enjoyed practicing Chinese with Joshua. I like to repeat the words again and again with frequent review. Excellent technique for my memory. This is the best Chinese course I went through. Simple and effective. Learning Pinyin correctly is a must for me. A lot of professional knowledge should have been applied to design this course.


Why WayMandarin?


Tailored to You

We've taken into account the feedback of hundreds of Chinese learners and designed the course with YOU in mind.

Based On The Latest Research

We incorporated key concepts of how our brain learns best. Our instructor has done extensive studies in Neuroscience and Linguistics.

Fun and Interactive

Practice lessons, example conversations, and other activities make you feel as if you are having a personalized one-on-one lesson with a real-live coach.

Easy to Master

Have you heard others say that Chinese is difficult? Well, have no fear! We're going to make the "hard" parts of the language easy for you.

Well Structured

Many courses only cover parts of the language, such as pronunciation or characters. WayMandarin takes you through the beginner steps without missing anything.

Concise and Fast

Videos are short and to the point. No lengthy explanations in English. You'll practice, practice, and practice the language, and you'll learn much faster this way.